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I have always possessed a strong affinity for machines and becoming a service engineer had been my sole desire since I completed my undergraduate study. I discovered my passion for working in the field of research and development only after joining a Japanese company. While working as a contract design engineer for Honda Automobile Research and Development Center in Japan for over two years, I was placed in the Bumper Design team which gave me a vital opportunity to interact with professional engineers and researchers. I was involved in the design of the bumper grille, active shutter grille and air ducts under the supervision of the group leader and during these courses, I particularly enjoyed creating CAD models for design and strength analysis. Meeting international suppliers to discuss the feasibility of the production processes and implement their suggestions in the design was challenging but engaging, and that helped me to enhance my knowledge on manufacturing processes, such as plastic injection molding, die casting and metal stamping.

The work experience in Japan was a milestone in my life; I not only got to utilize my undergraduate knowledge of engineering in practical applications but I also learned comprehensive approaches to problem-solving. I was inspired by their way of putting equal emphasis on each minute aspect of a design problem. I have enjoyed every moment working in a multicultural environment during my three years of working in Japan. Although I enjoyed carrying out routine procedures, I perceived that I needed to return to school to gain the detailed knowledge to accomplish my ambition of becoming an expert in the manufacturing field. At this point, I realize that my undergraduate education and work experience have provided me only a glimpse of this field and there is so much still to be explored and created in this field of research. My seniors have supported my ambition and they believe that I have the potential to pursue graduate study.

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After graduation, I want to work in the automotive manufacturing sector in my country where the economy is predominantly agricultural and around three fourth of its workforce are employed in farming. Currently, Nepal has only one local automotive industrial company—Hulas Motors—which manufactures all electric Light Commercial Vehicles but the company’s presence in the market is trivial as they are unable to compete with foreign companies with the absence of sufficient manufacturing facilities and processes. Nepal, being rich in water resources with over 90% of the country’s total electricity generated by hydropower plants, can benefit greatly from the development of efficient electric vehicles. However, there have been only a small number of commercial uses of electric vehicles in Nepal given the significant challenges involved. Because many parts of Nepal have difficult terrain with no regular electricity, it is difficult to have enough charging stations for long-distance travel by electric car to be feasible. Overcoming this challenge requires the development of lightweight automotive materials that can offset the weight of power systems such as batteries and electric motors, and achieving this could be a huge step forward in the use of electric vehicles in Nepal’s future. Thus, I believe that the MS degree in Mechanical Engineering will help me acquire the specific and specialized skills that will fulfill my ambition of contributing to the development of automotive manufacturing sector in my country.

Browsing through the information on the website of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University, I am highly impressed with the accomplished faculty members, the environment, and the facilities the University has to offer to its students. I also realized that the syllabi offered at this University are designed to meet the wide range of present-day requirements in the manufacturing industry. The availability of core courses, such as Advanced Mechanical Systems (MECH 529), Advanced Manufacturing (MECH 502) and technical elective courses in the area of Vehicle Manufacturing and Materials will provide me in-depth knowledge necessary for ultimately becoming a successful expertise in the automotive manufacturing field.

I am aware that pursuing this intellectual journey requires a high level of intelligence, dedication, and immense sacrifice and I am truly committed to it. I have checked the available research laboratories and centers at Colorado State University and I am very much impressed with the research works carried out in the field of advanced manufacturing towards bringing innovation in the engineering materials and processes. Furthermore, the facilities available in the Advanced Material Processing & Testing Lab (AMPT) and Composite Materials, Manufacture and Structures Lab (CMMS) will help me to gain insights on the creation of advanced materials, design of composite components and development of manufacturing processes. I believe that such facilities coupled with the experienced faculty members will prepare me to become a professional in this field such that I can contribute to the reform of the manufacturing facilities in my country. Attending the Colorado State University is a natural step for me and I assure you that given the opportunity, I will work tirelessly and diligently to meet your standards and expectations. I’ve made my decision and now I am looking forward to yours.


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