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This project helped participants to participate in activities that increased the amount of information and were intentionally and closely related to career decision making. For example, many participants discussed the issue of finding employment and in some cases turned out to be related to career decision-making goals. Students learned experience is an important factor in career path and now, they are open minded about trying several paths. Many students learned how they develop their career path. Their interests are important considerations for choosing a branch of occupation. Before that project, they did not realize every aspect of architecture branches.

Also, this project ensured to university student learn to recognize and appropriately manage advice and information provided by senior students and their professors.

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Below you can read the students’ thoughts about the project.

 I asked students what they thought about the project. The students said they were motivated and they wanted to go to the faculty. I have asked what they know about architecture before the project.

One of the students said that he did not know that how much responsibility he has at the construction site. He was thinking to draw a plan only. He said that he knows his responsibilities and learn all the stages of the project now.

Another student did not think that English is so necessary for this department. But after seeing Professor Carl, he said that he should study English a lot.

A student said that she had never thought of becoming an academics in architecture but now she is very impressed by her professors. She said she realized that there was such a choice.

Another student said that she planned to do a one-month internship before the project, but she realized that it is was not enough for the practice. She said she was planning to do an internship every summer. She even asked her father to talk to an architect’s friend for an internship after first session

A student said that he is happy to know that he has more job opportunities than he knew He also stated that it is not easy to find a job immediately but he would volunteer for the experiences.

One student said that she did not know about the part where the architect has to sell projects and she will try to improve her communication ability to present a project. Before my project, she said she knew only about drawing session, but now she knows she has to sell her project.

Another student said that he learned theory is important for creating a unique structure and he will study English very well to understand these theories.



My project worked on university influences in students’ approach of their career decision. The project focused on various aspects of career decision making. Such as educational institutions and professional degrees, the content of courses, importance of internship, what profession requires, branches of occupation, occupational opportunities and so on.  We discussed the views of the students about their choices, what they think about their career and how they were approaching their own decisions at the end of sessions.

The training team consisted of ten-member; three professors, two master students, four senior students, and I was a mentor for career counseling. In every session, we had special topics about the career. In these sessions, I gave information about the profession with training team and make students re-think about their career choices.

In this project, I did not look upon students’ unrealistic beliefs about the career. For future research, counselors can increase the awareness of students’ relational impact by testing how their relatives, families or friends may have influenced past decision making.

More investment in the career counseling process helps to reach more people with a larger project. Future counselors can take students to occupations’ office and fieldwork. In this way, students can see their working environment. Generally, students may not have a rational opinion of how their career decisions will be perceived; for the future project, counselors should train the students on how to approach the decisions with a rational approach and how to do it. Future research should continue to examine both intuitive and rational decision making and, they should develop a comprehensive model of informed career decision making.  I also recommend for future researchers to examine informed career decision line in different cultural, economic and educational populations.

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